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3D Sculptures

Full of joie de vivre, planetary icons, and reading levels, Chloé B’s sculptures bring playful, colorful, and meaningful pop messages to life.One by one, using precise syntax, the pop artist prints, assembles, and welds characters and symbols of a popular culture that is global because it is American.

Each metal sculpture thus obtained reinvents an archetypal shape.


Chloé B may play on pell-mell effects,
but nothing in her work is left to chance.
In the artist’s studio, printing is achieved through
the process of sublimation. This technique gives
the colors a radiant intensity and subtlety.
The metal rendering is spectacular.
The sculpture has the effect of a 3.0 bas-relief!
Ghostbusters, Minions, Smileys,
and up to 70 popular culture symbols unite to float
together in a dreamlike surreal third dimension.



These die-cut metal wall bas-reliefs
have a 7-layer 3D relief effect. Each mark, character
or onomatopoeia in the sculpture is thus elevated.


Supposedly laid-back, simple shapes find meaning
again thanks to the elements they are built from.
So what’s behind Chloé B’s «Mouth»? Or in her vibrant «Heart»? Her fearless «Love»?
What is her sweet «Candy» made of? 3D metal sculptures


Pop Heart Boom

3D sculptures métal

100 x 100 x 10 cm

shutterstock_270630632_bonbon copie.jpg

After creating cult symbols of power like «Dollar»
or «Revolver,» Chloé B’s sculpture collages
have turned into silent and eloquent manifestos.
No more child’s play—art becomes eloquent.
Although the reading is always up to the viewer,
these creations are of a thinly veiled irony
in our media-cluttered environment.



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Each sculpture is an original artwork strictly limited to 8 + 4 copies,
numbered and autographed by the artist. Chloé B.’s sculpture collections
come in limited editions of 12.

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