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& Rock'n Stars

The artist assembles micro-photos to tell stories with consummate

modesty and a double reading that delights her aficionados.

Just imagine all the pixels in an image becoming meaningful!
Hence, beyond the hypnotic appeal of its reading effect, Chloé B's art consists

in inventing—or reinventing—the DNA of a portrait.

Using thousands of micro-photos, the artist creates incredibly detailed and complex compositions, revealing the subjects' personalities and character traits.


Chloe B uses photo editing software to stitch together thousands of micro photos and create effects of depth and brightness. The result is a digital artwork that skilfully blends tradition and modernity, using traditional techniques to create contemporary work.

shutterstock_1109906735_marylin copie.jpg

Marilyn in Style

shutterstock_1109906735 copie_WW.jpg

Wonder She

Charlie Pop

shutterstock_1109906735_karl copie.jpg

My Tribute to Karl L.

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Capture d’écran 2018-10-15 à
The portraits are custom-made by special order
within 7 to 8 weeks.
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