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& Mirrors

One of Chloé B’s most significant creative directions consists of messages on mirrors.
Those hypnotic creations convey meaning and send powerful messages.

Words like «Love you» or» Merci» are thus charged with positive,

benevolent, and poetic energy.

shutterstock_1214640133 copie.jpg

When working with mirrors,
Chloé B literally projects us at the center
of her poetic messages. Whatever the media,
the artist’s collages always create a language
that lets everyone tell their story. But when
the word «Love» is repeated concentrically
in a round mirror, one can only expect
an incredible hypnotic effect.

From Pop Art to Op Art, Chloé B goes forth with her artistic enthusiasm at heart.

You can’t look at the message without seeing yourself in it. No mask, technology, or cerebral approach to art—only a piece of mirror, graphically composed and repeated words, and the art piece suddenly becomes immediate. At last!

Capture d’écran 2022-10-06 à 18_11_25.png.webp

Thousands of pages of past or future
art history books fade before such obviousness.
The interactivity between viewer and art may
only last for the time of a stare,
but the immersion is total.

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