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When visiting her atelier, you discover her favorite tool—her screen–

Chloé B’s accomplice in creating and composing every artwork.

You can also spot the objects that inspire her. Flicking through her art books

unveils her main influences and dearest artists.

The artist gleans memories
of her travels around the world,
and they influence her creativity.
In Chloé B’s atelier, we see pell-mell photos
and meaningful gifts she was given.


The atelier is quiet and serene.
In what she calls ”my factory,” the artist can
concentrate, create peacefully, and passionately
discuss her creative process, inspirations,
and artistic vision.

Visiting Chloé B’s atelier
is a unique opportunity
to discover some fascinating
contemporary digital art
techniques and meet a talented
and inspiring young artist.


Photographed by Eric Mercier

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