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From Saint-Tropez or Venice to Miami or Dubai,
Chloé B is exhibited in her official galleries and over special events that she designs around immersive concepts.

In Paris in May 2022, Chloé B presented an exhibition of contemporary digital art with an innovative concept named «Popapp’art 2022». An immersive experience, the exhibition occurred in a New York-like apartment on Rue de la Pompe in Paris’s 16th arrondissement. She hosted her friends from the arts and the media, her clients, and people from her international entourage.


Visitors were invited to walk through the apartment to discover her iconic works and latest creations, including new editions of her 3D sculptures and mirrors. Thanks to the theme and the staging, guests could casually explore Chloé B’s territories and appreciate the breadth of her digital art.

ShortCut_Chloe.B_138_XF copie.jpg

Photographed by Xavier Ferrand

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